DirectSHIP is an eShipping Exchange exclusive program designed to offer International Service Providers such as Freight Forwarders a solution for managing domestic pickup and delivery of their clients’ international freight.


The domestic leg of international shipments is a critical but underserviced part of each shipment moved through U.S. ports. Freight Forwarders typically go to great lengths to procure capacity for these shipments, and oftentimes incur significant expenses in the process. Whether working with a 3PL or booking directly with carriers, Freight Forwarders face several challenges; the freight it is difficult to properly classify, rates can fluctuate significantly, tracking programs may not exist, and invoicing errors are common.

DirectSHIP provides Freight Forwarders a carrier-direct solution, complete with technology that allows for accurate rating, booking, tracking, and invoicing. Because the solution is provided direct from a network of carriers, Freight Forwarders see immediate impact within their business with lower costs, rate integrity, and customer support tailored to the unique needs of a first and last mile service.


Lower cost and more accurate classification

Customized rate programs simplify shipment rating and help prevent additional chargebacks later on.

Program integrity

eShipping Exchange is a network of carriers offering technology and services direct to the marketplace. This means rates maintain their integrity as they’re made available only to those participating in the DirectSHIP program. This integrity allows carriers to offer the lowest possible rates long term.

Billing accuracy

Ability to see and bill your customer the true cost of the shipment up front and avoid having to eat extra costs later on. Additionally, our Freight Bill Audit and Payment services help ensure accurate carrier invoices and reduce overpayment.

Comprehensive TMS

Proprietary technology platform, eShipManager®, allows for real-time rating, easy freight classification, booking, shipment tracking, and consolidated invoicing. The system includes the latest security protocols to protect client information and data is used only for the purposes of servicing the client account.

A carrier-direct network

We provide comprehensive freight bill audit and payment services, consolidated invoicing, customized Work directly with the carriers moving your freight during the first and last mile. Remove the middle man and the associated extra costs. Additionally, eShipping Exchange offers a number of TSA compliant carriers along with a growing number of localized cartage companies.

Personal, dedicated customer service

DirectSHIP brings together the carriers, the assets, and the people to provide a complete solution. Our Client Services team acts as an extension of your business, providing real-time support and managing the critical details involved in moving your clients’ freight. Our customers tell us time and again that our people make the difference.

Transportation Management Services

More than just rates and technology, our solution includes customizable management solutions including intelligent freight optimization, exceptions management, actionable business intelligence, and dedicated account management.

Our transportation technology platform is an integrated suite of solutions offering on-demand shipment optimization and execution, tracking, historical analysis, freight bill auditing, reporting, bill payment, and invoicing. This comprehensive system assists customers in managing their supply chain and features several functions for efficiency: