We focus on empowering Parcel clients with the business intelligence and expertise they need to successfully manage their Parcel programs and capture significant savings on their bottom line.



Our industry leading technology reviews your parcel invoices for available refunds and automatically files for recovery of monies on your behalf. We recover fees not only on service failures, but manifest errors (those billed, but not shipped) as well. In addition, we provide you with monthly reporting on both performance failures and dollars recovered.


Our team of analysts monitor carrier performance ongoing in order to keep carriers accountable to service levels and ensure your parcel program is performing effectively.

We also monitor for optimization opportunities including optimizing service level usage, implementing zone skipping strategies, packaging consultation, distribution modeling, and more.


We provide the industry expertise and analysis to support contract negotiations with several carriers around the globe. With visibility into agreements across several industries our unique position includes robust analysis, attribute pricing metrics, and program alignment to ensure our clients know when, where, and how to negotiate for maximum effectiveness.


We provide shippers with fast, reliable service across continents using DHL’s vast network. With service in 220 countries and customs clearance at all international gateways, our clients take advantage of express delivery and global coverage that meets or exceeds domestic industry standards - often at a substantial cost savings.


Our Parcel program is supported by industry-leading technology which includes robust reporting, optimization monitoring, shipment manifest, and service failure recovery filing.

Our transportation technology platform is an integrated suite of solutions offering on-demand shipment optimization and execution, tracking, historical analysis, freight bill auditing, reporting, bill payment, and invoicing. This comprehensive system assists customers in managing their supply chain and features several functions for efficiency: