eShipping Exchange is a community of customers and carriers, whereby carriers have access to transportation management services typically offered through traditional 3PLs. This way, customers can maximize the strengths or carriers who already know their freight and understand their business. Together we provide transportation management solutions that encompass both people and services for all modes, with full optimization, and complete visibility into your data.



Engage in a community of shippers and carriers where technology and transportation management services are engineered through teamwork to eliminate cost from your supply chain.


Achieve third-party objectiveness and simplify your supply chain while working direct with the carriers who know your freight and understand your business.


Benefit from a new transportation industry model that reduces your transportation costs while improving communication and strengthening the relationship with your carrier.


  • Why is cooperation important?
    In the transportation industry, the relationship between carriers and 3PLs is often an adversarial one because they are operating as both competitors and partners while serving the customer. This dynamic is changing through eShipping Exchange, as the carriers are now members and active participants in the Exchange community. Customers enjoy the benefits of working direct with carriers who now have access to transportation management services traditionally only offered by 3PLs. This cooperation not only improves communication, but reduces cost to the customer.
  • How is objectivity achieved?
    The eShipping Exchange model allows carriers to deliver transportation management services direct to their customers, while maintaining the objectivity shippers require in pricing and carrier selection. Our integrity is maintained by housing transportation management services within the independent entity, eShipping Exchange.
  • Why streamline the transportation management process?
    Through eShipping Exchange, carriers are now communicating directly with customers and supplying an arsenal of services to attack the inefficiencies of their supply chain. Through transportation technology, customers may now access a centralized online portal to easily ship and optimize from their carrier base by cost, transit time, and service. Freight audit and bill pay services check each shipment for accuracy, resolve discrepancies, and consolidate shipments into one GL-coded invoice. This streamlining results in $5.00 – $11.00 cost savings per shipment.
  • Are there monetary benefits to using eShipping Exchange?
    Yes. Streamlining the transportation management process removes inefficiencies from and adds savings and profit to the supply chain. eShipping Exchange takes a major portion of those savings that traditionally goes to a 3PL and returns it to the carrier and customer, which enhances the bottom line of both parties.
  • What transportation management services do carriers have access to?

    Through eShipping Exchange, carriers now have the ability to provide to their clients an array of transportation management services that are typically only offered through 3PLs. Some of those services include transportation management technology (TMS), freight bill audit and bill pay, carrier optimization and negotiation, and vendor management.

  • Who are members of eShipping Exchange?
    eShipping Exchange is a member-based community comprised of some of the highest quality carriers in the marketplace. Carriers are selected based on modes of services offered, coverage area, high quality service, and overall value they provide to the customer.
  • Do customers have access to carriers who are not members of eShipping Exchange?
    Absolutely. Customers who use eShipping Exchange to move their freight are not limited to carrier members only. Our transportation management technology optimizes freight based on several variables identified and includes any carrier in the market place who best matches the shipping requirements