Through proprietary technology and a team of optimization specialists, we proactively monitor shipments and conduct historical analysis to identify opportunities for both real-time and long-term optimization within your supply chain.


Carrier Optimization

eShipManager® TMS provides a single web-based platform for comparing rates, allowing you to optimize a shipment in real-time when booking based on cost, transit time, and other needs.


Our proprietary optimization technology monitors freight across our network to identify opportunities for further shipment optimization. Our team of optimization experts then goes to work evaluating routing options using creative logic and optimizing the shipment for real-time savings. Examples of optimization include: Cross-mode; Excess Capacity; Cross-Customer Lane Consolidation; Multi-stop Truckload; Backhaul; and more.

Continuous Improvement

Each of our teams works with a mindset of continuous improvement. Periodic reviews of critical supply chain processes identify key areas of opportunity and long-term strategies are developed for supply chain sustainability and scalability.